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Water Filtration Systems for Your Home & Business​

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to improve your health, start with water. Water makes up between 60 and 75% of our bodies – so why accept tap water that can contain toxins and impurities, smells of chemicals and tastes awful?

Installing a water filtration system gives you crystal-clear, healthier, pure drinking water straight from your tap. And if you have a whole house water filter then you get softer water that has significantly reduced contaminants to wash in and use throughout your home. We also install contactless bottle filling stations for use in offices, schools, spas, libraries and other businesses or communal spaces.

Benefits of Filtered Water


Tastes fresh and clean


Improves your immune system, health, skin and hair


Reduces limescale, prolonging the life of appliances


Costs less than bottled water


Is sustainable and great for the environment, cutting down on plastic bottle usage

How Clean is Your Water?

Water is life. It an essential element in our bodies and yet we often take it for granted, perhaps because we turn on a tap and there it is. But have you ever asked yourself how clean your drinking water is?

Well, we have and so has the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), the independent regulator of water quality in England and Wales. They produce an annual report about drinking water in England and the 2019 report showed that:

  • 1,433 failures of regulatory standards were investigated
  • 75 legal notices were issued to water companies, including 2 prosecutions, with Northumbrian Water being fined £500,000 and Thames Water having 4 charges brought against them (for supplying water below drinking water standards).

You Are What You Drink

At best our tap water can be ‘safe’ to drink, at worst it can contain pesticides, herbicides, toxins, hormones, antibiotics, fluoride, microplastics, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, sediments … 

We could go on, but we don’t want to scare you – just share the facts. If you do want the detail, then have a look at our Science page and blogs.

Water Filter Options

Whole House Water Filter System (Point of Entry)

The BMB 1000 Pro Nano is fitted at your stop tap and uses 4 filters with 8 stages of purification that removes up to 97% of water contaminants down to 5 microns.
This system significantly reduces possible contamination in your water supply to give cleaner water to wash or bathe in. It also prolongs the life of your pipes and appliances by reducing scale and has anti-corrosion benefits throughout the entire house.

Nova Pro Front

Under Sink Water Filter Systems (Point of Use)

We believe the BMB Nova Pro (for high usage) and the BMB 20 Pro (for small households) are the best water filtration systems in the world. These Biocera A.A. Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems are fitted under a sink. They remove 99.99% of contaminants down to 0.0001 microns.
Using multiple stages, including Reverse Osmosis, they provide the cleanest, healthiest anti-oxidant, alkaline re-mineralized water available.

Under Sink Water Filter System (Space-Saving)

The BMB Zada Pro under sink water filter is ideal if you are short on space or budget. This stand-alone ultrafiltration system uses 7 stages to remove impurities from your drinking water. The Zada Pro removes contaminants down to 0.2 microns.
It is for use in hard water areas removing temporary hardness and scale, softening the water. The Zada Pro produces alkaline water using Ion Exchange.

Since the installation of my water filtration system, not only has my health improved dramatically but the taste of the water is significantly better too. I've done numerous side-by-side tastings and with the filtered water you don't smell and taste bleach and other metals etc. in there. I am hugely grateful to Antony and his team for making my quality of life so much better than before and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for any of your water filtration needs.
- Jimmy First
Professional Boxer

Which Water Filter Should You Choose?

It will depend on your individual needs and situation (e.g. priorities, location of stop tap, available space), but for the cleanest water possible we recommend installing both a point of entry and point of use system – we have the BMB Pro Nano and the BMB Nova Pro in our homes.

Why Choose Us

We specialise in water filtration systems and replacement filters by BMB Technology. Why? Because we believe they have the best filtering capability and the longest filter lifetime, making it a cost-effective choice for customers. All our water filters come with free delivery and a 2 year warranty.

With over 15 years’ experience through our award-winning parent company, Casey’s Construction Ltd, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you or your preferred trades in the installation of our products. We pride ourselves on giving honest, friendly and reliable customer service. 

Owner, Antony Casey, discovered the importance of healthy food and healthy water when his father became seriously ill four years ago. This life-changing event set him on a path of health and wellbeing discovery.

After researching the benefits of filtered water for health issues and diseases, Antony went on a mission to find the best water filtration system in the UK, including taking on a Degree (BSc Hons in Health Science) to better understand how diet and lifestyle affect the human body. 

We now have BMB Technology water filters in our homes, in our families’ homes and our satisfied customers have tasted and felt the difference in their health.

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