Is filtered water better for you than tap water?

Is filtered water better for you than tap water?

There was an interesting article in the Metro on the weekend looking into tap water vs. filtered water and whether drinking filtered water is better for you.

Here are some points we agreed with:

1. A big problem to address is that people need to drink more water

2. You create a large carbon footprint when you drink bottled water

3. Some of the excess minerals in hard tap water can contribute to dry skin, especially if you have eczema

4. Hard water (like in London) can taste sour and you can notice the chlorine taste/smell

5. Many water filters (such as jug and fridge filters) mainly remove chlorine and improve taste but don’t do much else

6. Some bottled water has been found to contain microplastics which can disrupt metabolism and hormones

7. The UK has not yet set safe levels of PFAS in drinking water. PFAS is a term that covers over 4,500 man-made ‘forever chemicals’

8. Under sink reverse osmosis water filters are able to remove PFAS: “if you’re worried about PFAS in your water, under-sink reverse osmosis and two-stage filters look like the best filter options to choose from.”

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The article finishes up by saying just drink more water, regardless of where it comes from – don’t stress about it. We agree with the ‘don’t stress about it’ part, but feedback from our clients tells us that using a high-quality water filtration system not only improves taste and brings health benefits, but it gives peace of mind that you and your family are drinking water that is purified and free from chemicals and contaminants. No stress, great-tasting cleaner water and a low carbon footprint 👍

Have a read of ‘Is filtered water actually any better for you than tap water?’ in the Metro and tell us what you think.

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