BMB 1000 Pro Nano - Full Set Filter Cartridges

This replacement filter pack contains a full set of 4 water filter cartridges for the BMB 1000 Pro Nano Filter Cartridges For The Whole House. You’ll need these replacement filter cartridges approximately every 12 months, depending on your water quality.

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Product Information

BMB 1000 Pro Nano – 12 Month/Full Set Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

The BMB 1000 Pro Nano is one of the world’s most technologically advanced whole house water filtration systems. Powered by nanotechnology, it filters up to 1000 litres a day of mains water through 4 filters with 8 stages of purification, providing fresh, pure water for all your bathing, washing, cooking and drinking needs.

The water filter system uses unique filters and processes to remove or reduce thousands of water contaminants without the need for electricity, waste water or a storage tank. The bottom-to-top flow design of the system ensures maximum contact time with filtration media for the highest absorption rate possible while extending the filter lifetime.

Replacement Water Filters Included

A full set of 4 replacement water filter cartridges are included in this pack:

  • Filter 1: Antibacterial 5 Micron Sediment
  • Filter 2: Sediment + Coconut Shell CTO Carbon Block
  • Filter 3: KDF + Silver Impregnated Coconut Shell GAC Carbon
  • Filter 4: Anti-Scale & Anti-Corrosion.

This pack contains everything you need to keep your BMB Pro Nano functioning happily and healthily for the next year. The cartridges are quick and easy to replace.

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