BMB Nova Pro - 12 Month Filter Cartridges, Pre and Post

This pack contains the pre and post water filters that need to be changed every 12 months for the BMB Nova Pro Under Sink Water Filter. This 12 month replacement water filter set has 5 filter cartridges, including Biocera.

** PLEASE NOTE – This is for the upgraded V2 Nova Pro with two post filters. This is not compatible with the old system with four post filters. Contact us for a discounted replacement Nova Pro

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Product Information

Heading: BMB Nova Pro - Pre and Post Replacement Water Filter Cartridges & Biocera (12 Month Pack)

Equipped with Quick Change Filter Technology (QCFT), BMB Nova Pro filter cartridges are easy to change and you will be alerted by the digital screen when they need replacing. NB. The 2 filters not included are the reverse osmosis membranes, which will usually need replacing every 36 months, these can be bought in a separate pack. Alternatively, you can buy a full replacement pack of 7 water filter cartridges in our full set.

We think the BMB Nova Pro is the best under sink reverse osmosis water filter in the world. This SMART water purification system filters water through seven stages removing harmful contaminants to give you the purest possible antioxidant, alkaline drinking water.

The first three pre-filters are infused with zinc nanoparticles that activate in water for antibacterial properties. The fourth and fifth stages are 300 GPD (Gallons Per Day) reverse osmosis membrane filters (not included in this pack) that give a total flow of 600 GPD (2 litres/minute) instantaneous flow. The system also includes extra stages to enrich the purified water. The sixth and seventh stages are 2 x Biocera Antioxidant and Alkaline filters, which remove the remaining harmful particles and leave you with the highest possible quality pH levelled drinking water.


Replacement Water Filters Included

The 5 pre and post replacement water filter cartridges are included in this pack:

  • Filter 1: 5 Micron Antibacterial Sediment – change every 12 months
  • Filter 2: CTO Coconut Shell Carbon – change every 12 months
  • Filter 3: 1 Micron Antibacterial Sediment with Coconut Shell Carbon – change every 12 months
  • Filter 6: Biocera A.A. Filter – change every 12 months
  • Filter 7: Biocera A.A. Filter – change every 12 months

This pack contains the replacement filters you need every 12 months for your BMB Nova Pro. If you’ve had your Nova Pro for 24 – 36 months then you’ll need either a full set or the reverse osmosis set too.

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