Pre-Plumbed - BMB 1000 Pro Nano Home – Whole House Water Filtration System

EXCLUSIVE  PRODUCT – Our pre-plumbed BMB 1000 Pro Nano Whole House Water Filtration System is an easy-fit point of entry/mains water filtration system. With its long-life water filters, compact design and great water quality, we think the Pro Nano is best whole house water purification system on the market.


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Product Information

New product offer £549 (RRP £589)

This easy-fit, Pre-Plumbed BMB 1000 Pro Nano Whole House Water Filtration System is exclusive to us. Save time and money with this compact, pre-plumbed 22mm copper bypass set up. Simply connect from your stop tap to the inlet of the BMB 1000 and connect the outlet of the BMB 1000 to the supply to your house.

The Pre-Plumbed BMB 1000 Pro Nano Whole House is easy to install with minimal fittings required and if you choose a plumber to install, they will install this with ease.


About the BMB 1000 Pro Nano

Does your tap water smell and taste horrible? Are you concerned about bathing in water that contains chemicals and contaminants? Are your appliances gunked up with limescale? Fitting a home water filter system will solve all these worries and provide you with cleaner, fresher water throughout the home.

The whole house water filter (sometimes called a ‘point of entry system’ or ‘mains water filter’) is fitted to your stop tap where the mains water comes in. This means that all water entering your home is purified to a higher level than your existing tap water – giving you better-tasting water for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry. And because all the water in your house is filtered, your pipes and appliances, such as the washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher and kettle, are protected from limescale and use purified water.


Health Benefits of Home Water Filter Systems

Removing chemicals from your home water supply gives you fresh, purified drinking water, which has great health benefits including boosting the immune system and preventing disease. What you may not have thought about though, are the benefits to your skin and hair of washing in filtered water.

Some of the chemicals found in standard tap water can be incredibly drying for the skin and hair, especially for people with eczema and dermatitis. With a whole house water filter, you’ll have purified bathing water in all of your bathrooms and showers – as well as for washing clothes and dishes.


Warranty & Delivery

BMB Technology water filters come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and we provide free delivery in mainland UK.

Whole House Water Filter, Under Sink Water Filter or Both?

Customers often ask us whether they should install a water filter system for the whole house or an under sink water filter – or even both. Well, it depends on three main points:

  • The quality of water you want
  • The set-up of your piping, home layout and water usage
  • Your budget.

To get the best possible water quality we recommend installing both – and we have both in our homes.

Our view is that a whole house water filter provides cleaner filtered water with additional health benefits that you really don’t want to miss out on, especially for the skin. However, if you want the absolute best quality water for drinking and washing food with, then installing an under sink water filter too is the way to go. 

If you’re not sure which water filter system would work best for you, then have a look at our FAQs or get in touch.

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