Reverse Osmosis Tank Sanitiser

Simple and easy way to sanitise your reverse osmosis (RO) tank.

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Product Information

This reverse osmosis tank sanitiser is a quick, hygienic way to clean your RO tank. The sanitiser contains Hydrogen peroxide in the chamber to clean your RO tank – this should be done annually.

How to use

Step 1 – Turn off the water supply to the RO system.
Step 2– Open the faucet tap and drain the system. The tank will also be emptied.
Step 3 – Close faucet tap.
Step 4 –  Remove tubing connected to the tank, lift out of position and empty any remaining water into the sink.
Step 5 – Insert the tank sanitiser into the tank connection valve. The tank sanitiser can be inserted using either end.
Step 6 – Re-connect the supply tubing to the tank sanitiser. NB. Other fittings may be required for this-  straight connector, 1/4-38 reducer or inline valve found in our parts section.
Step 7 – Open the water supply to the system and let the tank fill up with water. This will fill the tank with the Hydrogen peroxide solution to sanitise the tank.
Step 8 – When the tank is full, turn ‘OFF’ the valve connection on the tank. Leave the solution in the tank for 30 minutes. Do not use the system while you are sanitising the tank.
Step 9 – Turn off the water supply to the RO system.
Step 10 – Open the faucet tap to release any water pressure.
Step 11– Remove the tank from its position after 30 minutes, remove the tank sanitiser and dispose of it. Open the valve on the tank connection and discard the sanitising solution.
Step 12– Now repeat this process 2-3 times with the RO water only to flush the tank free of the sanitising solution.
The tank is now sanitised and you are ready to use the RO system again.

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