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My partner and I had an extension done at our home and at the same time Yorkshire water were doing works on our private road and came and informed us that they had damaged the mains. Antony liaised with Yorkshire Water and on doing so noticed it was an Asbestos main and asked for confirmation that this was safe to digest/drink as the fibres from the Asbestos main would now be in our water supply. Yorkshire Water sent a letter confirming that the Asbestos fibres were safe to ingest but not safe to inhale. My partner and I obviously were concerned as we have young children and are aware of the dangers of Asbestos and that’s when Antony told us about the water filtration systems he fits and the benefits of them. For us, it was an easy decision to make and we opted for both water filters. We have noticed a vast improvement in the quality of water and that the taste is far superior. When we go to people’s houses now we often take a rucksack with the bottled filtered water.

- David Tomney

I first looked into getting a water filtration system when my ulcerative colitis/bowel disease wasn’t getting any better after taking prescribed medication for the last 7 years. I am also a professional boxer, so health is at the forefront of what I do. I wanted the very best water system that would ultimately take out all the nasty free radicals in my tap water, I was recommended BMB Water filtration by a friend. Since having the installation 7 months ago I have seen a huge improvement in my bowels, less cramps, less bloating, fewer visits to the toilet and I’ve noticed my skin condition is much better now too.

Not only has my health improved dramatically the taste of the water is significantly better too. I’ve done numerous side by side tastings and with the filtered water you don’t smell and taste bleach and other metals etc. in there. I am hugely grateful to Antony and his team for making my quality of life so much better than before and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for any of your water filtration needs.

- Jimmy First, Professional Boxer

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